Fossilized handprint


This fossil which corresponds perfectly to a human handprint shows astounding detail. It was found in Cretaceous rock in the same layer where also dinosaur footprints were discovered. Age- about 110 million years old. The handprint is so specific that it displays impressions of the thumbnail, impressions of the tissue webbing between the thumb and index finger, and the impression left by penetration of the middle finger into the mud.

Out of Place Artifacts (OOPArts)

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Globalisation refers to the worldwide phenomenon of technological, economic, political and cultural exchanges, brought about by modern communication, transportation and legal infrastructure as well as the political choice to consciously open cross-border links in international trade and finance. It is a term used to describe how places and human beings are becoming more intertwined with each other around the world economically, politically, and culturally. Although these globalisation links are not new, they are more pervasive than ever before.



List of protests against Globalisation

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  • January 2001 and August 2001 saw national strikes resulting from IMF-prescribed adjustment policies


  • Up to 80,000 protested against the IMF, in May 2000.
  • Over 7.2 million workers support a 24 hour general strike in defiance of the new IMF-prescribed labour laws, June 2000.
  • July and August 2001 saw at least 100,000 people protest at further IMF-related measures that would lead to large pay cuts.
  • December 2001, saw

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is an American radio host and filmmaker. Jones was born Alexander Emerick Jones, on February 11, 1974. He is mainly known for his extreme conspiracy viewpoints about various topics such as the September 11th terrorist attacks and the New World Order (NWO).…