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Ufo’s: Suppressed Information & Technology – Tvnl Radio Live

A few UFO documentary videos are shown below:

Secret_Space.avi – 1:51:14 – Sep 9, 2007

Worm Code –

By using rocket technology invented by arch occultist, Jack Parsons, NASA supremo Werner Von Braun and his team of ex-NAZIs began filming the many UFOs which Astronauts reported during their early spaceflights. They named the NASA space craft after Gods of mythology and even named the ‘Titan’ rocket after their mentor Aleister Crowley. We expose NASA’s biggest secret – that the existence of alien craft has been known about since the early 1950s and that Nikola Tesla’s ‘Death Ray’ patents are being developed into space-based weapon systems in order to shoot down invading alien craft – just as reported by senior Pentagon officer, Colonel Philip Corso in his book ‘The Day After Roswell’.

We examine the evidence presented in Corso’s book “The Day After Roswell” and compare this with the latest UFO footage filmed by NASA astronuats aboard the Space Shuttle.

SECRET SPACE contains dozens of UFO clips and photos never before seen – including rare World War II footage of man-made ‘flying saucer’ type craft invented by the NAZIs using …

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Tales of Power
Conspiracy Research and Warrior Philosophy

Chris Carota 21 1,914 23-May-2006 04:17
Deep Cove
3 08-April-2006 15:52
in: Mentors On The Path Of Know…
by: al uh looyah

Ognir’s Blog
Kick some NWO ass

Ognir 6 221 21-May-2006 08:56
5 22-May-2006 05:01
in: Dis-info
by: Chris Carota

Nercury’s Blog
Research of Existence

Nercury 6 86 19-May-2006 00:30
“Scientists” “found” “good”…
4 08-May-2006 11:12
in: Infinity and Light
by: Nercury

faust’s funnies

faust 14 213 11-April-2006 20:54
Ali G
3 09-April-2006 14:53
in: If Men Wrote Advice Columns…
by: Cypher

The Apocalypse of Moho
My personal observations about life, the universe and everything

moho_hoho 2 76 10-April-2006 07:51
Getting “Stoned”
1 04-May-2006 01:11
in: Getting “Stoned”
by: Chris Carota

tiki1’s Blog
Just another day…..

tiki1 4 115 08-April-2006 21:58
Boys ! & Power Outage …
3 07-May-2006 06:39
in: Boys ! & Power Outage …
by: Nercury

Cypher’s Blog
Musings and mutterances

Cypher 1 85 06-April-2006 17:00
How quickly things change…..
6 07-April-2006 11:06
in: How quickly things change…..
by: faust


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Must See Video: The Esoteric Agenda (2008) 127mins.

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