Ancient Life Ways

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Ancient Life Ways are a forms of traditional technology. wilderness skills, natural medicine, plant knowledge... these were aspects of every human life, every persons knowledge. In other times and cycles, the ancient ways were known by all and each person was expected to have enough personal power and knowledge to survive in the wilderness on their own.

When we are alone, we can be at one with nature and our surroundings. We can imagine moving like an animal or flying above the earth. When we must survive we can communicate with the birds, the insects and the rodents. When its warm there is plant life to help us. When its cold, even in the night, the trees shelter us from the wind and predators. Human beings may not have evolved out of nature, but we once knew how to live in nature. These are the ancient ways which kept people alive and in tune the earth until the conquerors of the new world established our current civilization.

The current cycle, the tone of the times, is of manufactured technology, which encourages disposable ideas and products that are constantly replaced over time. In contrast to this, traditional technology rejects the idea of manufacturing a reproducable solution, instead encouraging each person to create their own novel solutions in the moement from their imaginations and the environment around them. Each person has the ability to do such amazing things, and ancient life is the way to remember.

Ancient life ways go hand in hand with mastering the arts... the art of tracking, the art of mentoring, the art of interpretation, and the mastery of awareness. These are the arts of living at one with the land. Warriors, travelers, hunters, hikers, soldiers, survivalists... all of them know that you live and die by your awareness in the wild. Asking questions, following clues, using your instincts, and often abandoning any preformed agenda... this is how you survive any unexpected situation. The unexpected can be learned to be sought instead of feared and avoided.

Ancient life ways were used to help teach children about the fundamental questions we all have... the who, what, where, when and why of human existence. Children are always asking us about god, about life and death, about plants and animals. The ways were was used to help children answer those questions for themselves, to make them feel home in the natural environment and confident in their self-reliance.

Ancient life ways were taught through what is called the oral tradition. This does not simply mean telling someone a story or whispering in their ear. It is a formal process when of initiation by emersing a student in a guided process of entering nature and understanding how to be a part of it. The student experiences first hand the adventures and joy of self-sufficiency. In this way the student of ancient life ways creates a mythology for themselves and others. This is the art of mentoring, a way to awakeing instinct and spirit and a desire to know.

A formal mentor in ancient life ways, such as the shaman, elder or wise one, would help the seeker to experience knowledge through their our imaginations and experinces, through their nagual. That way, when we they were alone, they had to remember what what they had taught themeslves and could invent spontaneous solutions to life and death situations.

As we experience their teachings, our mentors seem to be able to accomplish the impossible through their self-knowledge. And like our mentors, we too seek to accomplish the impossible, the miraculous. How we quest for answers when using the ancient life ways becomes our own personal mythology, our story which we can then share as we mentor others. This is the cycle of teaching ancient ways.

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