Ecuadorian records

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Ecuadorian records

Back in 1965 an Argentine citizen, Juan Moricz, who is an amateur archeologist, was poking about in the Ecuadorian Andes about 150 miles south of Quito, in the Province of Santiago. He found a cave held in superstitious awe by the Indian tribes of the area...

250 feet below the surface was a platform leading into a vault of considerable size. Radiating outward from this vault was a whole series of artificial tunnels. The same situation was found at the 500-foot level and at the bottom, 750 feet below ground level.

These tunnels evidently were made in exactly the same manner as the tunnels in the Bayan Kara Ula Mountains in China... perfectly squared and highly glazed, as if formed by intense heat. There are thousands -- perhaps even tens of thousands -- of miles of these tunnels beneath Ecuador and Peru. Mostly they're still unexplored because the radiation in them is very high and compasses refuse to operate down there...

Only a few hundred miles of them have been surveyed, and those mostly in a cursory manner. There are a great many chambers filled with artifacts and statuary but, most important, there is one chamber in particular of immense consequence.

That chamber, with highly glazed walls, ceiling and floors, measures 459 feet by 492 feet. In the center is a huge table around which are seven chairs fashioned of an unknown material, as heavy as stone but not of stone. Nor are they metallic or wooden. The closest approximation seems to be some sort of extremely dense plastic, but far heavier than any plastic known. Forming a perimeter around the table and chairs is a ring of sculptured animals...

The furnishings and statuary -- are intriguing, but they pale in significance to what else is in this room, some 50 feet from the table. Fifty feet from that center grouping is a library permanently preserved in metal leaves...each of these thousands of leaves has stamped on it, in regular order, just as if stamped by a powerful press, line after line of a peculiar boxed form of writing. The characters are wholly unfamiliar and seemingly of a sophisticated hieroglyphic nature, but whatever culture produced this amazing library also left with it the key to its deciphering.

In a special niche, obviously made precisely for this purpose in one of the huge block bookends, is what appears to be an alphabet of 56 attempt has ever been made to decipher them...word got out that a great many of the archeological treasures in the upper-level passages were of solid gold or platinum. A governmental seal was placed on the entrance and has remained there ever since. It is now perpetually guarded, with entry supposedly permitted to no one...

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