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About Wiki

You can imagine wiki as database of many articles, linked to each other by topic of particular paragraph, sentence or word. Much like Internet, but there is main difference: anyone can edit and expand any article, the only thing which is needed is loging in.

You may say: if anyone can edit it, anyone can write absolutelly anything, even misleading or offensive information, anyone could delete pages or spam in them. It is correct, but wiki has defense for that, which was proven to be effective by many wiki projects worldwide:

  • Every wiki page has complete history of changes, and anyone can revert any article to any previous version. Furthermore, it includes information who changed what, and their IP address is visible for administrators.
  • Any spammer or problematic user can be banned for some period of time or forever.
  • If some users disagree about content of certain page, such page could be locked, after issue is resolved in Talk page (which exists with every page)

Browsing Wiki

There are several page types:

  • Articles, which provides usefull information and copose wiki contents.
  • Category pages, creating logical tree structure of wiki categories.
  • Help pages, such as this one.
  • Special pages, like user preferences, search page or helpfull automated contents.
  • Template pages, which you should not worry about unless you are editing wiki.

Where to start browsing? Well, thats what Main Page and search field is for. Also, you can take a look at global Category List.

About Editing Wiki

First thing is to have in mind that you are not alone writing wiki. If something what you write is good, usefull, and belongs to wiki, dont worry about formatting, templates, or categories, if you dont know how to do that. Someone will eventually notice your contribution and add what is missing.

Also, try to avoid your opinion in article, and dont get mad when it is removed by others. Because wiki should be based on reliable sources. Try to provide sources where you got information from. Links, book names, known people, news. Wiki is not opinion war field.

Editing: Getting Started

Every page in wiki has it's source, which you see when you open that page for editing. You have to edit page source to change final page view. Here is only summary of basic information, needed to start editing. You can find much more in Editing Help. Also, look at the sources of other pages to see how certain things could be done.

Creating new page

I suggest to find some article in which you could create link to your page (how to create link see bellow). At first, link to non-existing article is red. When you save your article, it becomes normal and functional.

Editing article

You can open article for editing by clicking "edit" in article page. By default it is tab on top of the page. If you can't do that, that means the page is protected. You can ask why in Talk page, which can be accessed the same way as edit page.

Preview article before submiting

You can always check how article or formating will look like by clicking "Show preview".

Provide summary what you edited or added in certain article

Try to do that more often.

Minor edit

If you changed only few things, like fixed spelling or changed formatting, check "This is a minor edit" checkbox.


Paragraphs are separated by empty line in wiki page source.


Create link to another article by writing:

[[Article Name]]

If you want to change name of link to "click here", write this:

[[Article Name|click here]]

Read more about links in Editing Help (including off-site links).


Its easy, folks.

  1. Find category where your article should belong
  2. Remember category name (or copy it to clipboard)
  3. Add such text at the end of your page source:
[[Category:<Your Category Name>]]

Everything else will be done automatically. Read more in Category Help.


It is "magical" thing in wiki. Well... sort of.

Template is simpy a page which can be used many times in different pages.

If you click page for editing, and instead of expected page source you find something like:

{{Some Clever Thing Which Takes Only One Line}}

Don't be scared ;). It is only template, which also can be edited if you really need that. Just keep in mind that it will automatically change everywhere it is used. Look bellow "Save page" button. There should be list of every template used by page. Click link "Template:Some Clever Thing Which Takes Only One Line", which will take you to template page. And this page can be edited like any other, if it is not protected.