Horst Ehmke

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Horst Ehmke, PhD – Professor of Law, University of Freiburg. Former Minister of Justice (West Germany). Former Minister for Research and Technology. Cabinet Member under Chancellors Kurt Kiesinger and Willy Brandt 1966 - 1974. Author of Politik der praktischen Vernunft: Aufsätze und Referaten (Pragmatic Politics) (1969), Politik als Herausforderung (The Challenge of Politics) (1974), Democratic Socialism and Eurocommunism: The Policy of Detente and Ideological Controversy (1977), Das Portrait, Horst Ehmke: Reden und Beiträge (Self Portrait of Horst Ehmke: Speeches and Essays) (1980), Beiträge zur Verfassungstheorie und Verfassungspolitik (Writings on Constitutional Theory and Politics) (1981), A Second Phase of Detente (1987), Mittendrin: Von der grossen Koalition zur deutschen Einheit (In the Midst of It: From the Federal Republic to German Unification) (1994).

  • Article 7/22/04: "Terrorists could not have carried out such an operation with four hijacked planes without the support of a secret service." http://www.guardian.co.uk

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