Nan Madol

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Nan Madol

A short distance off the coast of the remote Micronesian island of Pohnpei lies one of the greatest archeological mysteries in the world, the Lost City of Nan Madol. Built on an ancient coral reef and covering more than 11 square miles, this ancient city is made up of hundreds of artificial islets, intersected by numerous manmade canals. Even more curious, many of the city’s larger islands are connected by submerged tunnels. First discovered in the early 1800’s by European sailors, this baffling and immense megalithic stone city may contain evidence for the fabled lost continent of Mu.

The mysterious Nan Madol is built entirely out of gigantic magnetized basalt crystals, some weighing as much as fifty tons. In fact, the entire city contains an estimated 250 million tons of the prismatic basalt rock. How this city came into existence, continues to baffle archeologists. Considering that radiocarbon dating and archeological excavations establishes Nan Madol to be as old as 200 BC, any conventional explanation for this massive construction (such as brute force) simply does not work very well. Native mythology suggests that the stones were magically flown...through the air and placed in the city...

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