Ron Paul Media Blackout

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Champion of the Constitution and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is becoming a sensation in the underground - the Internet, the independent press, independent radio, cable, and satellite. But the big media is almost completely ignoring him or treating him as a "fringe candidate." This should not be surprising since he opposes the welfare state, the Federal Reserve, the military industrial complex, gun control, the drug war, and the income tax. If Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson were to run today, they would be shut out of the elections as well. Thanks to the Internet, this power balance is beginning to change.

Political columnist Thomas Woods asserts[1] the news media is now trying to keep out of the limelight the one presidential contender (Ron Paul) who has actually bucked the establishment and does something other than parrot government/media slogans." Some opinion-editorials (op-ed) pieces have commented that avoiding the large media organizations and campaigning by internet may be beneficial[2] The Internet is very well capable of disseminating Ron Paul’s message of Hope for America."

Ron Paul has, according to Gallup, fluctuated between 0% and 2% in terms of support from Republicans or independents who lean towards the Republican Party, placing his popularity between Sam Brownback and Duncan Hunter. This places Ron Paul as sixth most popular amongst "second-tier" Republican Candidates.[3] Zogby national polls have placed him at up to 3% support nationwide.