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Traditional technology (also called Indegenous Technology) is mostly the ways and techniques of the native people of a country. They touch on ressources allocation and management and with the tools available and needed, they created a very specific knowledge, somewhat different to our current technology.

Experience showed that the efforts of development which do not take into account local technologies, local systems of knowledge and the current environment on-site do not reach a purposeful target in being succesful and accurately productive in general.

There are numerous examples of teams of researchers backed by the western world which do not consult indigenous populations properly, so that accomplished "progress" does not defer showing themselves peudurables or, tragic fact, destroyers of nature.

Very happily, things evolve little by little. Since the beginning of the 90s, indigenous knowledge made the object of a lot of research and they have an abundance of information on the subject now. Nevertheless, information is disparate and no guide really complete (as an indigenous knowledge encyclopedia) existed until now. Guides now presents the usefulness of that knowledge for the purposes of the elaboration of a strategy of lasting development taking into account the potential of the environment and letting the native indigenous have credit for their long kept spoken wisdom.

The primary goals of that technology by categories (unfinished)

Water, irrigation systems:


An example of this in the world would be in Sri Lanka where in 1996 they've finished maintenance using a a traditional technique named Pangu, a method for distributing the work of maintaining and repairing small-scale irrigation systems.

Where could I find anything on traditional technology?

OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) filing system:

OECD Macrothesaurus - TRADITIONAL TECHNOLOGY (people can surely find books on the topic from their database)


UNESCO says: Traditional technology

  • MT 2.10 Science and research management
  • FR Technologie traditionnelle
  • SP Tecnología tradicional
  • SN Techniques passed from generation to generation (although some modernized components or processes may be included).
  • UF Endogenous technology
  • BT1 Technology
  • RT Appropriate technology
  • RT Endogenous development
  • RT Informal sector
  • RT Small enterprises
  • RT Small scale industry
  • RT Traditional knowledge
  • RT Traditional medicine


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Traditional Technology Thesaurus from the UK Archival Thesaurus