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I removed many empty articles, because they confuse anyone who come here IMO. After few clicks they probably start thinking that ALL articles are empty here and leave :). I think we should better focus on creating "main" articles first, like World Trade Center Collapse, Pentagon Attack, 9/11 Timeline, Military Exercises, etc., and then create new links to sub-articles from every such article. For 9/11, i suggest creating timelines of pre-911, post-911 and 911 events.

I prepared framework for that in Category:9/11 Research. There is template in that category page, which you can access and extend by clicking "open template page" or Template:911 index.

Also, could you remove pages which i cleaned for deletion? You can find them here.

Nercury 01:03, 16 July 2006 (CEST)

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Was that article really empty? :D