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From the Harmony Database, documents originally written in Arabic and translated by the Combating Terrorism Center at West point:


In the name of the God the most Merciful, the most Compassionate (A brief summary of doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri’s life may God protect him) The United States of America considers doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri as one of the Egyptian Jihadist group leaders and one of the mortal enemies.

The FBI had placed him on the most wanted list after they suspected his involvement with several cases such as the 1998 bombing of two US embassies in Nairobi and Dar Al-Salam, and the 2000 destroyer Cole in Aden, and the 2001 bombing of the world trade center and the Pentagon. The Egyptian government is chasing him as well and point the finger at him for the attempted assassination of president Mohammad Husni Mubarak in 1995 at Adis Ababa.

Doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri was born June 19, 1951 descendent from a deep-rooted wealthy Egyptian family, his grandfather is one the former Imams at the Al-Azhar mosque, and his other grandfather from his mother’s side, doctor Abdul Wahab Azzam had several significant posts. He was an eastern literature professor and the dean of the school of arts and the president of Cairo University, then he was the ambassador of Egypt to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, at the same time he was considered one the greatest Sufis in Egypt where they named him the “diplomatic Sufi”, his father was doctor Mohammad Rabi’ Al-Zawahiri, a professor at the medical school Ain Shams University, one of the most famous doctors before he died in 1995.

Doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri received his primary education at the Egypt Al-Jadidah and Al-Moadi –they are in a high-class neighborhood- before he joined Al-Qasr Al-ain medical school Cairo University and graduated in 1974 as an honor student, then he obtained his master’s degree as a general surgeon in 1978 and the following year got married to one of the literature graduates at the art school Cairo University and had four girls and one boy.

Doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri lived during an open politics period when president Sadat started his term; the Islamic movement was active at the Universities in a noticeable way where during that time the Egyptian Universities’ student leaders became the symbols for the working Islamic at the present time.

Doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri is associated with the Islamic movement where he is known by the media as an extremist. He believes “that the rulers governing Islamic countries according to something other than what God has revealed in terms of situational laws are unbelieving apostates who must be confronted, fought against, expelled from their positions, and Muslim rulers installed in their place; and that the democracy that was adopted by different countries as their policy system has an unbeliever democracy where their supporters and followers are illegal”. Doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri knows that the armed resistance against these governments is a religious war for God. He criticizes other Islamic organizations that adopt the peaceful measures in their way. Doctor Omar Abd Al-Rahman who is currently in prison in the United States is considered after the 1993 bombing of international trade center a spiritual leader for that movement.

The early appearances of doctor Ayman at a noticeable level was immediately after the assassination of the former Egyptian president Mohammad Anwar Al-Sadat on the sixth of October 1981 where Al-Jihad organization was accused and he was sentenced to three years for carrying a weapon without a license. After his release, he traveled to several countries such as the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Sudan before he settled in Afghanistan.

In 1985 doctor Ayman participated as a surgeon physician at the Kuwaiti Red Crescent hospital to treat the wounded during the Russian-Afghani war through a hospital, which was built for that purpose at Peshawar at the Afghani-Pakistani border. Then at later stages of the war he began entering the front line battles to practice his work as a surgeon in field hospitals inside Afghanistan, and that is where he met with the leader of the Al-Qaida organization sheikh Osama Bin Laden and became his ally at a later time.

Al-Jihad organization, where Al-Zawahiri is considered one of the most prominent leaders, was accused of conducting violent military operations inside Egypt such as the attempted assassination of the former Prime Minister Atef Sodqi and the information miniter Sefwat al-Sharif. The Egyptian security system took some measures for that reason and began with the use of force dealing with members of that organization which was expressed by the former interior minister Zaki Badr with his famous saying “strike in the heart” where the police have the power to open fire and assassinate some of the organizational leaders during the day and in the middle of the street when it is capable.

Doctor Ayman refused to return to Egypt fearing the military court from issuing a judgment against him, which was established by the Egyptian government to look into what it called “the return from Afghanistan”, where some of the members of the Jihad organization were sentenced to death. Reports from the human rights organizations mentioned that some of those members have been tortured. Then the military court issued a judgment which looked at a different case named “the return from Albania’ two years ago which sentenced him to death in his absence and made his return to Egypt impossible.

The United States of America placed him on the most wanted list after the bombing of its two embassies in Nairobi and Dar Al-Salam in August 1998. Then he was directly accused with his involvement with Sheikh Osama Bin Laden in the bombing of New York and Washington this past September eleventh. He is also considered the right hand to Al-Qaida organization and sheikh Osama Bin Laden especially after he signed a fatwa (TC: Islamic decree) to shed American blood, which he accused of collaborating and establishing Jewish Christian allies to fight Islam. He also addressed a request through a videotape where he appeared with sheikh Osama Bin Laden and Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, the official spokesman of Al-Qaida, broadcast by Al-Jazira channel after the beginning of the American operations in Afghanistan calling for a religious war against America to drive them out from the Arab region and to stop supporting Israel so Palestine would not become new Andalusia.

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