Understanding black operations is the keystone to decoding the events of the
20th century. The supremacy of the state is sustained by covert operations,
black budgets and undercover agents. They are the essence of fascism and
the national security state, and therefore they must be exposed and examined
by the individuals they are designed to suppress if they are to be stopped.

This compilation attempts to give an such an examination by exposing how
fascism did not disappear after WWII, but in fact became integrated into the
capitalist system of government embodied by the United States of America.
The last fifty years of US history has seen the rise and fall of the cold war,
a war on drugs, coups, assassination and government sponsored terrorism.

This is not a coincidence, but an engineered pattern created to imposed fear,
oppression and to maintain an status quo of the ruling class elite. It is only
effective if it is feared, repressed and denied. It is time to make the invisible
visible, to expose its deception and turn the tide of deceit once and for all.