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Ghislaine Lanctôt – The Medical Mafia

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I have a passion: unlimited health.

In order to realize this dream, I went to medical school.

For many years, I was convinced that I was on the right track. Reality, however, was something else altogether. Thoughts emotions and feelings, these invisible and untouchable antagonists invariably frustrated me in my scientific work.

I then turned to other avenues, to alternative medicines and natural therapies, which offered other solutions for overall health. I set out in search of them to many countries and discovered the benefits that they had to offer.

But people continue to suffer and die all the same. Why?

  • Why is our state of health constantly deteriorating?
  • Why does our medical system cost so much?
  • Why is it maintained when everone is so dissatisfied with it?
  • Whom does it profit?

Not knowing where to go next, I turned inward.

Unlimited health was waiting for me there! The debate surrounding the reform our health system goes on interminably. Our health suffers while costs keep escalating. It is a catastrophe. Governments are overwhelmed and spend an inordinate amount of effort and money putting out the fires. Grasping for straws, some are promoting privatisation!

The Medical Mafia enables “patients” to find out what it really means to be healthy and how to become the decision maker of tomorrow’s ideal system of health. It proposes people to reform, not a political brand that simply maintains the industry-insurance-doctors-bureaucrats’ vested interests and privileges.

This exciting and controversial book by Dr. Ghislaine Lanctôt answers the questions:

  • How does the health system really work?
  • Who are the members of the Medical Mafia?
  • Who really pulls the strings?
  • How patients are exploited?
  • What vital information is and has been suppressed?
  • Why health care systems are actually sickness systems.
  • Why socialized medicine is a monopoly for financiers and whose price includes an almost total loss of freedom of choice.
  • How doctors have become powerless drug industry salespersons.
  • Why proposed health care reform is a ploy!
  • How did we get into such a mess when in fact each of us has the ultimate say over our health and the inherent costs of maintaining it?

And, it addresses solutions:

  • How we can escape “alive” and regain unlimited health and wealth?
  • How to take back our power over our lives and as such over our health?
  • What we can do to set up affordable health services that serve us rather than the pharmaceutical industry?
  • We alone possess the means to regain our health and find prosperity!

The publication of the Medical Mafia caused quite a stir. On its way to becoming a best seller it landed its author before the Medical Board.

After a drawn out hearing, which saw most of her witnesses set aside, not surprisingly, the verdict was unequivocal – “Guilty” for having dared to speak out. The medical establishment takes a very dim view of any member who dares to speak out, all this under the guise of protecting the public. Free speech is replaced by the party line….

Ghislaine Lanctôt was banned for life from practicing medicine. And if that wasn’t enough, she was to pay for the expenses the establishment had incurred in bringing her to trial.

Her reaction to that, as reported in one newspaper, was also unequivocal: “Over my dead body!”

The trial is recounted in “The Trial of The Medical Mafia” by Joachim Schafer.

The Medical Mafia: The superb expose of the medical system by the Canadian doctor, Ghislaine Lanctôt, who also shows how and why “alternative” methods are far more effective.

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I found this after googling her name when I found this link on nik1111111111’s blog:

In other words, it’s the same NWO bull5h!t going on here.

We aren’t safe anywhere

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I have her book, and I liked it.
Obviously she created a lot of enemies who want to silence her.
Does anyone think she’s just another disinfo agent?