Michael Cremo, Richard Thompson – The Hidden History Of The Human Race

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Michael A. Cremo & Richard L. Thompson – The Hidden History of the Human Race

A condensation of Forbidden Archaeology, 1993, in which the authors, in keeping with their Vedic beliefs, argue that modern man’s origins go back millions of years before the dates set by the establishment.

Over the past centuries, researchers have found bones and artifacts showing that people like ourselves existed on earth millions years ago. But the scientific establishment has suppressed, ignored or forgotten these remarkable facts. Why? Because they contradict dominant views of human origins and antiquity.

Evolutionary prejudices, deeply held powerful groups of scientists, have acted as what Michael A.Cremo and Richard L. Thompson call a knowledge filter. And the filtering, intentional or not, has left us with a radically incomplete set of facts for building our ideas about human origins. According to Cremo and Thompson, we have come to accept a picture of prehistory that is largely incorrect. This book is a call for a change in today’s arbitrarily rigid mindset. Deploying an unexpectedly great number of convincing facts, deeply illuminated with critical analysis. Cremo and Thompson challenge us to rethink our understanding of human origins, identity and destiny.

Michael_Cremo__Richard_Thompson___The_Hidden_History_of_the_Human_Race__1998_.pdf ( 1.39mb ) Number of downloads: 147

The Mysterious Origins of Man

WatchDirect Download Options (Google Video – 46 minutes)

Open your mind to controversial evidence that challenges accepted scientific knowledge. Meet a new breed of scientific
investigators who present their extraordinary evidence about man’s origins; evidence that the academic community has
quietly ignored.

Radio Interviews

– The Vedic View of Human History (CFE – June 25, 2001)

Download (windows media, 8 kbps, 5 MB – 1 hour)

What did Vedic sages 5,000 years ago say about evolution and human history? Here’s a surprising and detailed answer.

– Interpreting Data According to Agenda (CFE – August 5, 2002)

Download (windows media, 8 kbps, 5 MB – 1 hour)

Co-author of “Forbidden Archeology” reinterprets human/ape “missing link” fossil finds to conform with Vedic views on evolution of man; suggests Indus Valley scripts, yet to be translated, may place Sanskrit as a precursor source of European languages.

– Vedic Alternative to Darwin (CFE – October 10, 2003)

Download (windows media, 8 kbps, 5 MB – 1 hour)

Longtime Vedic scholar says humankind did not evolve from apes, rather, we devolved from a higher plane of consciousness into matter, as described in the Vedas, and how Alred R. Wallace, whose theory of evolution by natural selection was published with Darwin’s, got co-credit until he later suggested that evolution was directed by cosmic intelligence.

– Human Devolution (Future Talk Radio – March 4, 2006)

Download (mp3, 32 kbps, 8 MB – 37 Minutes)

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