Warning: Energy-saving Bulbs Hazard, Vacate room when CFL bulb breaks

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Warning: Vacate room when CFL bulb breaks
Energy-saving devices called so dangerous everyone must leave for at least 15 minutes
Posted: January 6, 2008
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2008 WND (IMG:http://www.worldnetdaily.com/images2/edison-in-lab.jpg)
Thomas Edison, inventor of mercury-free light bulb
Thomas Edison must be rolling over in his grave.Less than a month after the U.S. Congress passed an energy bill banning the incandescent light bulb by 2014, the UK Environment Agency issued guidelines calling for evacuation of any room where an energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulb is broken, releasing toxic mercury.The warning comes a month before the British government begins its phase-out of tungsten bulbs, scheduled to be completed in 2011. The switchover to CFL bulbs will save at least five million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, the government said.Health experts warned this week that people with certain skin ailments will suffer from the new eco-friendly bulbs which cause conditions such as eczema to flare up. Additionally, the bulbs have been linked to migraine headaches in some people. (wee question – how the Sam Hill can they possibly be imagined to be “eco-friendly”, and still wreak such havoc with human health?)

The Environment Agency’s latest advice focuses on the 6 to 8 milligrams of toxic mercury in each bulb.

Users who break a bulb should vacate the room for at least 15 minutes, the new guidelines say. The debris should not be removed with a vacuum cleaner, which could put toxic dust into the air, but with rubber gloves. The broken glass and all residue is to be placed into a sealed plastic bag and taken to a local official recycling site for proper disposal.

“Because these light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury, they could cause a problem if disposed of in a normal bin,” environmental scientist Dr David Spurgeon told the London Daily Mail.

“It is possible that the mercury could be released into the air or from land-fill when they are released into the wider environment. That is a concern, because mercury is a well-known toxic substance.”

The Environmental Agency noted that neither warnings about the bulbs’ toxicity nor directions for proper disposal is printed on any packaging.

Such warnings aren’t necessary, said one toxicologist who said a number of bulbs would have to be smashed simultaneously before there was a danger.

“Mercury accumulates in the body – especially the brain,” Dr. David Ray, from the University of Nottingham, told the BBC. “The biggest danger is repeated exposure – a one off exposure is not as potentially dangerous compared to working in a light bulb factory.

“If you smash one bulb then that is not too much of a hazard. However, if you broke five bulbs in a small unventilated room then you might be in short term danger.” The most-immediate hazard from the CFL bulbs may be to Brits’ pocketbooks. It costs about $1,300 to properly dispose of one municipal recycling bin full of bulbs – a figure that is sure to increase residents’ tax bills.

Oh, isn’t this just marvellous news… in an attempt to counter the completely bogus science of climate change, we now learn that the lightbulbs we’re mandated to be using by 2011 are a far greater threat to us – and the environment. That should kill off our remaining river and eventually sea fish just nicely, when mercury seepage in landfills ends up leaking out everywhere.

No warning whatsoever on the packaging, yet we’re expected to don rubber gloves and clear up the debris very carefully – and what about the stuff that gets in the carpets anyway – the stuff we’re not meant to vacuum up?

What will happen if a bulb goes in a crowded bank, restaurant, or railway station? Shut up shop & evacuate everyone outside for 15 minutes, before staff re-enter the premises wearing full bio-hazard protection to clean up? Delay all trains for 20 minutes or so, until everything is put right again?

(IMG:https://www.conspiracyresearch.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/excl.gif) Newsflash! New terror outrage –
Al Qu’aida targets household goods isles in ASDA & Tesco UK-wide: thousands forced to flee to safety, hundreds still without bread, milk, toilet paper…

Brilliant, how to kill two birds (and hopefully many people) with one stone… this one’s a masterpiece.

Please remember to be very, very careful cleaning up any debris from broken lightbulbs, folks – make sure you seal it all properly in a secure envelope, and post it all off to Al Gore.

I don’t generally recommend any form of violence or harm to people, but in this case I feel that I can make a special exception. Nob. (IMG:https://www.conspiracyresearch.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/mad.gif)

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I’ve not checked it out fully, but I’ve seen several news stories pointing out that energy saving bulbs emit a broader spectrum of light than traditional tungsten ones (ie IR and UV), which means they might well encourage the formation of melanoma and other skin conditions. So not only do they injure us if we break them or bury them in the landfill, but they even attack us when they’re working!

It’ll probably be illegal for me to own a tungsten bulb in 2011 (I think that’s the current govt [i.e EU/UN] timeline) – but more pressing right now, does everyone realize that retailers will start to phase out tungsten bulbs from THIS MONTH! I’m off to buy a several dozen spares tomorrow.

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Good plan – I’m definitely going to be stocking up on them too.

Funnily enough, I’ve actually been looking at the full-spectrum lighting recently (rather than broad-spectrum)- I’ve also read some articles about how sunlight deficiency can actually cause more cancers (which areally doesn’t surprise me). I’ve had a melanoma myself (went for the Hoxsey cure, no surgery), but I have no more intention of staying out the sun than I do of giving up butter. Probably just as well, because the latest research in that area continues to show that trans-fats (i.e. hydrogenated vegetable oil – “healthy” margarine!) is broken down into more harmful fatty acids than saturated animal fat. This seems to have been much-maligned for little good reason other than a “mistake”. Other than the fact that the mistake is in favour of the high-processing food industry, I might have been inclined to believe it. In any case, saturated fats don’t even raise bad cholesterol levels either.

It seems that common sense of eating natural stuff & going about your business as normal is still the order of the day – so I’m happy never to have ever gone on one of these food fad diets. It’s always a case of what’s bad for you today is good for you tomorrow… except perhaps eggs – cholesterol – and prawns, which I’m too partial to consider giving up. Heck, death by prawns – it might even be a medical first!

Back to the full-spectrum lighting (and no, I’m not thinking of starting a prawn farm!), it’s something that’s meant to be healthy for pet birds, because they don’t get much natural sunlight (behind glass), and sunlight is the best method for obtaining Vit. D pre-cursor.

I also think full-spectrum bulbs might not have a problem with mercury – different metal / different colour light; although I haven’t checked this yet but have held off my purchase for now. Whether I end up buying a roomful of bulbs – enough to see me & my birds through to the end of our days still remains to be seen, but I’m quite sure that they’ll be a lot more sensitive to any mercury leakage than people are, and I’m not going to risk any of that “eco-friendly” garbage around them or me. Almost a shame really, as I am rather fond of the idea of sending Ol’ Bore the bio-hazardous residue!