Aaron Russo – America Freedom To Fascism

Aaron Russo – America Freedom To Fascism

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Aaron Russo’s ‘America: Freedom to Fascism’ Opens To Sold Out Theaters

Film Grossed approximately $90,000 This Past Week In Test Markets

LOS ANGELES – It was a rush to the box office last week as Aaron Russo’s hot documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism” opened in test markets in New York, Chicago, Austin, Tampa and Kansas City. The estimated box office last week was approximately $90,000.

Russo used the test markets to evaluate audience response before spreading it across the country. The film was met with standing ovations and excellent exit polls. Russo feels that the prints could be technically improved, so he has made a decision to pull the film from theaters as of last night (Thursday). He will be upgrading the quality of the prints and releasing the film this September in time for the political season. The film will be released in many theaters across the country.

In Austin, TX the Friday evening show sold out by mid-morning. Chicago’s Landmark Century Centre sold out their Saturday evening show so quickly, they had to move it to a larger room.

“I am gratified by the consistent standing ovations that the film is getting throughout America. The exit ratings have been incredibly high,” said Russo. “The people of America are eager to learn the truth about how our government functions. It is time for the American people to understand that the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that the 16th Amendment did not give the government the authority to impose a direct unapportioned tax on the labor of the people. The IRS Code does not trump Supreme Court decisions. The Supreme Court has defined income, and it is neither wages nor labor.”

The film, which has strong appeal to niche markets, has received phenomenal support from the grassroots and online community.


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