Laetoli footprints

Ancient modern tools

A 75′ long trail of crisp footprints discovered in 1979, northern Tanzania, in a layer of volcanic ash dated by conventional means to be 3.6 to 3.8 million years old. Identical to those of modern humans, they appeared to be made by hominids. Mary Leakey, a fossil hunter said about them:”At least 3,600,000 years ago, in Pliocene times, what I believe to be man’s direct ancestor walked fully upright with a bipedal, free-striding gait… the form of foot was exactly the same as ours.” There is a well-shaped modern heel with a strong arch and a good ball of the foot in front of it. The big toe is in a straight line. It doesn’t stick out to the side like an ape toe. Anatomically modern human beings existed million years ago. Prehistoric man was fully human. There is the only science can do is… accept it! A human footprint can be only made by a human!