Metal block

Found at a foundry belonging to Isidor Braun of Vocklabruck, in Austria, 1885. It is now in the Salzburg museum. …It is said that, though of ‘true meteoric material,’ this object is virtually a steel object. …It’s a cube. There is a deep incision all around it. Of its faces, two that are opposite are rounded. …Composition—iron, carbon, and a small quantity if nickel. It has the pitted surface that is supposed…to be characteristic of meteorites. …The scientists who examined it could reach no agreement.

  • That it was of true meteoric material, and had not been shaped by man;
  • That it was not of true meteoric material, but telluric iron that had been shaped by man;
  • That it was true meteoric material that had fallen from the sky, but had been shaped by two hands of man, after its fall.

The data, one or more of which must be disregarded by each of these three explanations, are; ‘true meteoric material’ and surface markings of meteorites; geometric form; presence in an ancient deposit; material as hard as steel; absence upon this earth, in Tertiary times, of men who could work in material as hard as steel.