The substitutes of the sugar based on aspartame causes worrying symptoms ranging from the loss of memory up to brain tumors. But in spite of the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration – organism for the certification and the control of food and medecines in the United States) approbation of putting it in the picture of food additives ‘without danger’, the aspartame is one of the most dangerous substances ever imposed on a public without mistrust.

Aspartame is a technical term for brands carrying the name of NutraSweet, Canderel, Equal, Spoonful and Equal-Measure.

The aspartame was incidentally discovered in 1965, when James Schattler, a chemist of G.D. Searle Company, was testing an antiulcerative drug.

The aspartame was allowed for the dry food in 1981 and for gaseous drinks in 1983. It was at the beginning approved for the dry food on July 26th, 1974, but because of objections issued by Dr. John W. Olney (related discovery from Mr. Olney), researcher in neurological science, James Turner, Advocate-General in consumption, (link to how they made aspartame available, Rumsfeld-related), in August, 1974, also adding the inquiries into the research practices of G.D. Searle, American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had to postpone its approbation of the aspartame (December 5th, 1974).

In 1985, Monsanto acquired G.D. Searle and separates Searle Pharmaceuticals and The NutraSweet Company in distinct subsidiaries.

The aspartame is by far the most dangerous substance on the market to be added to food.

The aspartame is kept responsible for more than 75 % of bad reactions to the food additives with which a report was made by the FDA.

A good number of these reactions are very serious, including attacks of apoplexy and death as well as it has been newly mentioned in a report of February 1994 of Department of Health and Human Services.

(1) Some of the 90 symptoms listed and cited in the report as being caused by the aspartame include: headaches / splitting headaches, dizziness, apoplexy, nausea, numbness, muscular spasms, weight gain, cutaneous annoyance, depression, tiredness, petulance, tachycardia, insomnia, visual problems, loss of ouie, palpitations for persons with a heart condition, respiratory difficulties, panic attacks, difficulties of elocution, loss of taste, iron taste,vertigo, loss of memory and articular pain.