Christopher E. H. Story

Christopher E. H. Story FRSA, Managing and Operations Director, a former occasional adviser to Lady Thatcher, has over 35 years’ experience of specialist intelligence and financial publishing. Mr Story has testified on several occasions before US Congressional Committees on international affairs issues. He is a very well-known independent currency, economics, finance and current affairs specialist, and is also a conference speaker on dimensions of the World Revolution that are swamping and confusing the West.

Mr Story is now among the longest-serving editors of any publication in the world, having edited and published International Currency Review since quite shortly after it first appeared in 1969. This means that his experience of geofinancial and global economic analysis is virtually unparalleled. In addition, his exceptionally extensive knowledge and understanding of ‘hidden’ intelligence operations, policies and dimensions, derived from many years of deep analysis and intelligence community contacts, enables him to elaborate and explain financial, geopolitical and intelligence issues which ‘mainstream’ analysts may not understand, or even recognise to be issues requiring investigation. This long experience, and his editorship since 1991 of Soviet Analyst, enables Christopher Story to throw much penetrating light on contemporary World Revolution developments otherwise considered inaccessible or else irrelevant by ‘mainstream’ journalists. Indeed, few seem to realise that ‘there’s a Revolution on’ at all.