Secret society

Secret Societies are organizations which though may be known in title to the public have secret membership, rites, rituals, oaths, etc. Freemasonry, the Society of Jesus, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, and Rosicrucian are a few examples of such societies. As a general rule secret societies have a militaristic hierarchical structure arranged in the shape of a Pyramid. Initiates of the bottom level are most commonly indoctrinated into the society through ritualistic ceremony and then are confirmed through their free-will based affirmation under oath to said society. As initiates advance in their respective societies of choice, they are usually required to submit to increasingly more serious oaths, so in effect as they’re allowed to rise within the structure and are trusted with more of that particular societies secrets they most likely must submit to these oaths. The oaths at the lower levels subscribe minor punishments for offenses against the society, as one rises in the societies structure the oaths severity of punishments rises with the initiates. At the upper levels the oaths usually call for the horrific death of the initiated should they ever betray/reveal the secrets of the society to outsiders. One key example of a secret society possessing a horrific death oath is that of the Jesuit order.



International Organisations

  • Bilderberg Group
  • Trilateral Commission
  • Council On Foreign Relations


Historical Societies

  • Illuminati (Illuminati of Bavaria, Germany)
  • Los Alumbrados (Illuminati of Spain)


Religious Societies

  • Knights Templar
  • Society of Jesus
  • Knights of Malta
  • Opus Dei



  • Bohemian Club