Geomancy, the understanding of the world’s shapes, energies, history and
alignments, is perhaps the oldest living tradition on earth. Older than all
religion, predating civilizations and even language itself, the geomantic
tradition was the seed from which modern science and religion began.
By understanding, and remembering, the cyclical movement of time

Ancient people were aware of the coalescent movement of time and space,
and the precession of the galactic and geological spheres. These cultures
expressed spiritual, medical, architectural and scientific knowledge by
through the geomantic traditions, encoding them into divine creations.

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Geomancy is encoded into temples, pyramids, stone circles, monoliths,
ancient artifacts, calendars, astronomical calendars that can accurately
calculate galactic prophecies Milena in advance. Such precise knowledge
of nature, of the geometry underlying divine creation, is consistent among
all antiquity. For those who see, the world is alive with meaning.

On Research Topics •••

Topics include Ancient Civilizations, The Precession of the Equinoxes,
Sacred Sites, Megalithic, Crop Circles, World Grid, Musical Geometry,
Catastrophism, Astrotheology, Prophecy and The Mayan Calendar.

Researchers include Graham Hancock, Michael Cremo, Christopher Dunn,
John Steele, Stephen Mehler, John Anthony West, Richard Schoch, Jon DePew
John Major Jenkins, Ian Lungold, Carl Johan Calleman and Jason Martel.

DVD Contents:

Carl Johan Calleman – Enlightenment – Midlignt Meditation.htm
Carl Johan Calleman – The End to Dominance – Midlight Meditation.pdf
Carl Johan Calleman – The Energy of Enlightenment.mht
Carl Johan Calleman – The Mayan Calendar and Geometric Maps.mht
Carl Johan Calleman – The Tzolkin Calander and the Galactic Underworlds.bmp

Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods (1996).pdf
Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods (C2CAM 1996).mp3
Graham Hancock – The Message of the Sphinx (C2CAM 1996).mp3
Graham Hancock – Jeff Rense Show – Underworld 2003 09 18.mp3
Graham Hancock – Underwater Ruins (C2C – February 7 2002).mp3

Jon De Pew – Coral Castle Code – Articles
Jon De Pew – Coral Castle Code – Pictures
Jon De Pew – Coral Castle Code – Web Archves
Jon De Pew – Coral Castle Code Broken – Article 2005.mht
Jon De Pew – RadiOrbit – Three Hour Interview – 2005.mp3

Michael Cremo – Forbidden Archaeology – 10 Minute Podcast.mp3
Michael Cremo – Human Devolution – A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory.mp3
Michael Cremo – Interpreting Data According to Agenda – Laura Lee 080502.mp3
Michael Cremo – Prehistoric and Ancient Human Origins (C2C – August 3, 2006).mp3
Michael Cremo – The Vedic View of Human History – Laura Lee 062501.mp3
Michael Cremo – Vedic Alternative to Darwin – Laura Lee 101003.mp3

Stephen Mehler – 032400 – Waterways Beneath Giza’s Pyramids.mp3
Stephen Mehler – 072602 – Tunnels Under Giza – Laura Lee .mp3
Stephen Mehler – On Khemit (Unknowncountry, March 13th 2006).mp3
Stephen Mehler – Chris Dunn and John Cadman – Great Pyramid’s Water Works 1.mp3
Stephen Mehler – Chris Dunn and John Cadman – Great Pyramid’s Water Works 2.mp3

1996 – Fingerprints of the Gods – Graham Hancock.pdf
C2CAM – Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods.mp3
C2CAM – Graham Hancock – The Message of the Sphinx.mp3
Catastrophe – Bonds of The Past – Stanley Velikovsky 1.wmv
Catastrophe – Bonds of The Past – Stanley Velikovsky 3.wmv
Dr. Carl Banaugh – The Nazca Lines and Ancient Artifacts.avi.wmv
Forbidden Archaeology and De-evolution – Michael Cremo.mp3
Forgotten Knowledge – Quest For The Lost Civilization Ep2.avi
From Pisces to Aquarius – The Precession of the Equinoxes.mht
Giza C2C Roundtable – Chris Dunn and Robert Schoch 2007.mp3
Influence of Egyptology – Stephen Mehler C2CAM Aug 2005.mp3
John Anthony West – Magical Egypt – The Still Older Kingdom.avi
Khemit, Land of Osiris – Stephen Mehler Presentation 2004.avi
Khemitian Technology – Giza Power Plant – Chris Dunn 2004.avi
Music of the Spheres – Presentation by Randy Masters.mp3
Musical Geometry – Geomusic, Part One – James Furia.avi
Musical Geometry – Geomusic, Part Two – James Furia.avi
Part One of The Code, by Carl Munck 1984 – Gematria.avi
Paul Devereaux – The Ley Hunter and The Spirit Lines.mht
Quest For Truth – Crop Circles – Documentary 2002 Disc1.avi
Quest For Truth – Crop Circles – Documentary 2002 Disc2.avi
Sacred Sites and Celtic Earth Energies – Paul Broadhurst.mp3
Sumerian Technology and The Tenth Planet – Jason Martel.mp3
Tesla Technology – Mark DeMucha (C2C – October 17, 2005).mp3
The Coral Castle Code – The Mathematical Equation of Creation.jpg
The Jeff Rense Show – Coral Castle Code – Jon De Pew 2003.mp3
The Jeff Rense Show – Coral Castle Code – Jon De Pew 2004.mp3
The Laura Lee Show – Mapping The Earth Grid – Daniel Shaw.mp3
The Laura Lee Show – Megalith Computer Disk – Alan Butler.mp3
The Secrets of the Mayan Calendar – Ian Lungold Part 1of3.avi
The Secrets of the Mayan Calendar – Ian Lungold Part 2of3.avi
The Secrets of the Mayan Calendar – Ian Lungold Part 3of3.avi
The Teotihuacan and The Pleides – John Major Jenkins.mp3
The War Against Time – The Secrets Of The Incas.mp4
Time and Geomantic Amnesia – John Steele 1990.mp3
Timewave Zero – Terrence McKenna Doumentary.avi
True Meaning of the Mayan Calendar – Calleman.mht
Under Galactic Alighnment – Carl Johan Calleman.mp3
Wisdom of Maya Storyteller – Tony Shearer.mp3
Xikin-Cho – Meaning of The Tzolkin Calendar.mpg


This DVD-ROM is part of the Induction series, a self-induced initiation
into self-knowledge and power. Just remembering to remember.

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On The Induction Series •••

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Extra Special Thanks •••

This disc is dedicated to rebel researchers of the Giza plateau and ancient human
antiquity, who have had the courage to question the historical authorities and,
despite the obstacles, have brought us so much closer to remembering our past.

An especially big thanks to Graham Hancock, a great mentor and inspiration who
invites us all to explore the mysteries of the past. Thank you Graham.

——————— • ———————-

I’d also like to thank radio hosts like Art Bell, Jeff Rense, George Noory and Laura Lee. Most of my research involved listening to radio interviews and finding correlations in my research. It is through them that I came to know Micheal Cremo, Graham hanock and John Athony West and their books.

The videos in this compilation represents a focused explanation of the topics covered during in the interviews. but these interviews are the core of this disc, and they have a special place in my heart. I loved listening to thes mp3s late at night, alone in the dark so I can transport myself to the time and place of the interview, the time and place of which they speak. These experiences stayed with me for days, weeks, and now years.

Thanks is to the people who record and upload these radio shows for others. You are the frequency of change in many lives. A special thanks to Reboot, many of his files were included here, and also a heafelt thank you to to She Who Remembers for so recording so many talks, and to Jan Irvin for compiling all of them.

Honestly, I think this is the best compilation I’ve ever done. It is less eclectic, more coherent than the other discs in the “Power” series since there has been so much interest in the subject over the last 15 years. This disc represents the creme of the crop of a single subjec, like a 60 hour documentary. Its story is told by articulate, well-informed researchers who have been at it for many years and are amazing to listen to.

As for the esoteric teachings, they will be covered in further compilations. Geomancy is not about religion or the occult, therefore it cannot divide us. We can find unity in Geomancy, it is the basis for uniting all cultures in every part of the world to a common past, a shared history… a story that’s not over, and will be told again.