Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group is a group of leaders of politics and business who meet annually. The first meeting took place in a Bilderberg hotel in the Netherlands, which is where the group gets its name from.




The Bilderberg Group would be categorised into a group that is most probably the oldest conspiracy theory of all , that one all powerfull, all knowing group is controlling the worlds financial, economic, industrial, pollitical and media corperations and groups, in turn controlling the world.This indeed and may very well be the oldest conspiracy theory of all time , that a dark cabal of powerful men and woman are controlling every step the world takes but , it is with the shadowy organisation called The Bilderberg Group that this indeed could be a reality.


Sinister cabal

Often the existence of such groups such as the one outlined here are somewhat dubious in the extreme such as for instance, The Illuminati, The Order Of The Skull And Bones and parhaps including Jewish bankers. In other incidents though, there may actually be some basis of rational thinking and foundation of reason for thinking that there is a so called “Sinister Cabal” controlling the world that is richer in power then the mayor, the government, and perhaps even more powerfull then the president or prime minister himself.


A basis of rational

Out of all the groups that are most likely thought to be part of this conspiracy The Bilderberg Group, upon study does seem to be the closest thing to the genuine article if not the genuine article itself. There are many reasons for this as will be made clear to you in the following texts. To start off with, it is absolutely clear and inarguable that The Bilderberg Group do actually exist. The group itself was founded in the 1950’s and it is proven to have held an anual meeting at various secret locations around the globe ever since, still continuing to do so even today.

Another strange fact about this organisation is that it is undoubtedly a classified and secret one, a few reasons being that this group has no website and absolutely no corporate presence what so ever.The group itself also goes to great lengths to keep its annual meeting locations and meeting times strictly unknown , it is also known that the locations of the meetings are at different places each year.


Known members

Lastly The Bilderberg Group itself does involve many of the worlds most powerfull people. Henry Kissinger and the well known Paul Wolfowitz are regular attendants as are members of the Ford and Agnelli families and even the Rockefellers are known to be involved with the group in some way .


Other suprising members

All the more significant to the motives of this group is the fact that Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and even Bill Clinton, all attended the meetings right before they came into power and turned into the leaders of their countries. To some conspiracy theorists this fact is way more then just a coincidence .


Known facts

The group itself was founded in the year 1954 and it took its name from the hotel that the very first meeting took place in. The hotel is located in a part of the Netherlands and the groups first and founding member were a group of men whos names were

  • Denis Healy
  • Joseph Retinger
  • Prince Bernhard
  • An unkown X member of the Nazi party
  • David Rockefeller

It is known that this group is still based in the Netherlands for administrative purposes and owns an office building in the town of Leiden, Phone calls to this office are allways met with an anonymous message from an answering machine. This groups purpouse as was told to the media was to further understand issues pertaining to and involving North America and Western Europe through the meeting of its members.

The present founding member of the group Lord Healey says that the organisations one and true goal is to promote democracy throughout the globe.It is known that every year a commitee of men and woman compose a list of the worlds most powerfull and promising individuals and from this list they are invited to attend a meeting , this list usually has over one hundred names on it and its invitees are normally or if not always from either North America or Western Europe. Each meeting place is at a fixed destination with the countries of the members taking it in rotation to host the groups meetings . The groups funding for these meetings and other things is made from corporations such as Nokia, Fiat and other friendly commercial groups. It is said the the invitation list is sometimes made public but the topics of the meetings themselves are not and the people whom are invited are sworn to secrecy not to reveal the secret meetings location to anyone .

It is all the secrecy of the group that has attracted the conspiracy theorists to it and also attained skeptical viewpoints on the group itself, the group says that the secrecy is simply for privacy for they believe that they should be able to speak freely and without fear of unwanted media coverage of there meetings .It is another fact that no one ever turns down an invite to one of their annual getogethers.


What some theorists believe

For some people this simply is the way of the earth we live in , there are plenty of clubs where only members can attend meetings and join in on club business but it is known that none of the clubs seem at first glance to be as high profile as this one . There are theorists who also believe that The Bilderberg Groups primary and stationary goal is to make the world a place where we all watch the same things on tv and eat the same meals , in short a place where the people follow one set of rules and one government. For many this thought of a worlwide government or a state of world policing has been heard before however this group raises more questions about its goals than those that are precidentaly thought about in the same light.

Globalisation is said to be the main goal of this secretive group and it is definately no private matter or secret that in the year of 2005 Mrs Bill Gates and her husband were invited to one of their annual meetings and when one thinks about it these two people and the theorised goal of the group are very closely linked , again this could be just coincidental but then again it could not.



Nato Secretary Generals

Joseph Luns (1971-1984)

Lord Peter Carrington (1984-1988)

Manfred Worner (1988-1994)

Willy Claes (1994-1995)

Javier Solana (1995-1999)

Lord George Robertson (1999 – 2003)

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (2003+)

European Union

Jose Manuel Barroso – President of the European Commission 2004 – 2009

Neelie Kroes – Commissioner, Competition, European Commission 2004 – 2009

Peter Mandelson – Commissioner, Trade, European Commission 2004 – 2009

Joaquin Almunia – Commissioner, Economic and Monetry Affairs, European Commission 2004 – 2009

David Oddsson – Committee of Ministers, Council of Europe 2005

Jan Petersen – Committee of Ministers, Council of Europe 2005

Romano Prodi – Head of State – Europe 1999 – 2004

Frits Bolkestein – Commissioner, Internal Market, Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission 1999 – 2004

David Byrne – Commissioner, Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission 1999 – 2004

Anna Diamantopoulou – Commissioner, Employment and Social Affairs, European Commission 1999 – 2004

Pascal Lamy – European Trade Commissioner 1999 – 2004

Erkki Liikanen Commissioner, Enterprise and Information Society, European Commission 1999 – 2004

Pedro Solbes-Mira Commissioner, Ecconomic and Monetary Affairs, European Commission 1999 – 2004

Loyola de Palacio Vice President, European Commission 1999 – 2004

Adrian Fortescue – Director General, Justice and Internal Affairs European Commission 1999 – 2004

Antonio Vitorino – Commissioner, Justice and Home Affairs, European Commission 1999 – 2004

Franz Fischler – Member of the Commission Agriculture and rural development, Fisheries, European Commission 1999 – 2004

Mario Monti – Member of the European Commission responsible for competition 1999 – 2004

Leon Brittan – Vice President of the European Commission 1989 – 1993

Emma Bonino Commissioner, Consumer Affairs, European Commission 1995 – 1999

Hans van den Broek Commissioner, External political relations and enlargement negotiations European Commission 1995 – 1999

Banking Governers and other fiscal elites make attendance

Mervyn King – Governor, Bank of England

Jean-Claude Trichet – President, European Central Bank

Klaus Schwab – President, World Economic Forum

Jacob Wallenberg – Chairman of the Board, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

Paul Wolfowitz Tenth President World Bank – March 31, 2005 +

James Wolfensohn – President, World Bank 1995 – 2005

Peter Sutherland – Director-General, World Trade Organization 1993 – 1995

Mike Moore – Director-General, World Trade Organization 1999 – 2002

Walter Kielholz – Former Chairman of the Board, Credit Suisse

George Soros – President and Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC

Hilmar Kopper – Chairman of Deutsche Bank

Alan Greenspan – Chairman, Federal Reserve System

William McDonough – President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Michael Moskow – President , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Frank Pearl – Chairman and CEO, Perseus, L.L.C

Ewald Kist – Chairman of the Board ING

Petroleum Chemical – Genetic Engineering

Robert Shapiro – Chairman and CEO, Monsanto Company

Daniel Vasella – Chairman and CEO, Novartis AG Pepsico Inc

Percy Barnevik – Chairman, AstraZeneca plc

Michael Pragnell – CEO Syngenta AG; Director, AstraZeneca plc

Peter Sutherland – Non-executive Chairman of BP p.l.c

Allan Hubbard – President, E&A Industries

Jeroen van der Veer – President of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company


Bilderberg Conferences 1954 – 2006

Bilderberg 2006 June 8th-11th Ottawa, Canada

Bilderberg 2005 May 5th-8th : Rottach-Egern, Germany.

Bilderberg 2004 June 3rd-6th : Stresa, Italy.

Bilderberg 2003 May 15th-18th : Versailles, Paris, France

Bilderberg 2002 May 30th – June 2nd : Chantilly, Virginia, USA.

Bilderberg 2001 May 24th-27th : Gothenburg, Sweden.

Bilderberg 2000 June 1st-4th : Genval, Brussels, Belgium.

Bilderberg 1999 June 3rd-6th : Sintra, Portugal.

Bilderberg 1998 May 14th-17th : Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Bilderberg 1997 June 12th-15th : Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA.

Bilderberg 1996 May 30th – June 1st : Toronto, Canada.

Bilderberg 1995 June 8th – 11th : Zurich, Switzerland.

Bilderberg 1994 June 3rd – 5th : Helsinki, Finland.

Bilderberg 1993 April 22nd – 25th : Athens, Greece.

Bilderberg 1992 May 21st – 24th : Evian-les-Bains, France.

Bilderberg 1991 June 6th – 9th : Baden-Baden, Germany.

Bilderberg 1990 May 11th-13th : Glen Cove, New York, USA.

Bilderberg 1989 May 12th-14th : La Toja, Spain.

Bilderberg 1988 June 3rd-5th : Telfs-Buchen, Austria.

Bilderberg 1987 April 24th-26th : Villa d’Este, Italy.

Bilderberg 1986 April 25th-27th : Gleneagles, Scotland.

Bilderberg 1985 May 10th-12th : Rye Brook, New York USA.

Bilderberg 1984 May 11th-13th : Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.

Bilderberg 1983 May 13th-15th : Montebello, Canada.

Bilderberg 1982 May 14th-16th : Sandefjord, Norway.

Bilderberg 1981 May 15th-17th  : Bürgenstock, Switzerland.

Bilderberg 1980 April 18th-20th : Aachen, W. Germany.

Bilderberg 1979 April 27th-29th : Baden, Austria.

Bilderberg 1978 April 21st-23rd : Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Bilderberg 1977 April 22nd-24th : Torquay, England.

1976 : No conference was held due to Prince Bernhard’s involvement in the Lockheed Scandal.

Bilderberg 1975 April 25th-27th : Çesme, Turkey.

Bilderberg 1974 April 19th-21st : Megìve, France.

Bilderberg 1973 May 11th-13th : Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.

Bilderberg 1972 April 21st-23rd  : Knokke, Belgium.

Bilderberg 1971 April 23rd-25th : Woodstock, Vermont, USA.

Bilderberg 1970 April 17th-19th : Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.

Bilderberg 1969 May 9th-11th : Marienlyst, Denmark.

Bilderberg 1968 April 26th-28th  : Mont Tremblant, Canada.

Bilderberg 1967 31st March – 2nd April  : Cambridge, England.

Bilderberg 1966 March 25th-27th : Wiesbaden, W. Germany.

Bilderberg 1965 April 2nd-4th: Villa d’Este, Italy.

Bilderberg 1964 March 20th-22nd : Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.

Bilderberg 1963 May 29th-31st : Cannes, France.

Bilderberg 1962 May 18th-20th  : Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.

Bilderberg 1961 April 21st-23rd : St Castin, Canada.

Bilderberg 1960 May 28th-29th : Bürgenstock, Switzerland.

Bilderberg 1959 September 18th-20th : Yesilköy, Turkey.

Bilderberg 13-15 September 1958: Buxton, England.

Bilderberg 4-6 October 1957: Fiuggi, Italy.

Bilderberg 15-17 February 1957: St Simons Island, Georgia, USA.

Bilderberg 11-13 May 1956: Fredensborg, Denmark.

Bilderberg 23-25 September 1955: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, W. Germany.

Bilderberg 18-20 March 1955: Barbizon, France.

Bilderberg 1954 May 29th-31st : Oosterbeek, Netherlands