Johnny Liberty – The Global Sovereign’s Handbook

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Johnny Liberty – The Global Sovereign’s Handbook

Johnny_Liberty___The_Global_Sovereign_s_Handbook.pdf ( 3.49MB ) Number of downloads: 2154

This book is considered by many to be one of the most comprehensive sourcebooks on sovereignty available today! This edition was designed for the “Global Sovereign,” those committed to freedom and justice for all the people of the world.

Reclaiming individual sovereignty and establishing the principles of constitutional republics along with the unalienable rights of self-determination is our most important endeavor today.

This fascinating book covers spiritual, emotional, economic, legal and political sovereignty, particularly as it relates to the history of the united states of America, but applicable to all other forms of governance around the world. Reveals in detail how the political, economic and legal systems actually work, not what the media, schools and government have taught you!

Further, how it is possible and how you can reclaim your unalienable rights and property under the Common law, limit government authority and jurisdiction and restore a constitutional republic in America, let alone the world!

Summary of content:

Reclaiming the American Mind
American and World History
American Citizenship
American Law
Commercial Law
International Law
Individual Sovereignty
Indigenous Sovereignty
Sovereign Power Structures
Global Sovereignty Movement
Social Security and Income
Visions and Solutions
Introductory and Advanced Tools for Freedom
Restoring a Republic
Freedom Technologies
New World Order

Johnny Liberty is an expert on international business structuring, private-interest foundations, estate planning and company formation for those desiring both asset protection and tax planning during uncertain economic and political times.

His reputation and integrity is unsurpassed in the freedom movement and continues to inspire thousands of people to make a change in their lives. He is well known for his research and knowledge on individual sovereignty, American history and citizenship, American and international law, money, economics and global power structures.

He has lectured to both small and great audiences over the last ten years and is highly regarded for his knowledge and information in this arena.