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Ghislaine Lanctôt – The Medical Mafia

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I have a passion: unlimited health.

In order to realize this dream, I went to medical school.

For many years, I was convinced that I was on the right track. Reality, however, was something else altogether. Thoughts emotions and feelings, these invisible and untouchable antagonists invariably frustrated me in my scientific work.

I then turned to other avenues, to alternative medicines and natural therapies, which offered other solutions for overall health. I set out in search of them to many countries and discovered the benefits that they had to offer.

But people continue to suffer and die all the same. Why?

  • Why is our state of health constantly deteriorating?
  • Why does our medical system cost so much?
  • Why is it maintained when everone is so dissatisfied with it?
  • Whom does it profit?

Not knowing where to go next, I turned inward.

Unlimited health was waiting for me there! The debate surrounding the reform our health system goes on


This article introduces a recent and so far little-known discovery which could be of great importance for the future of the world. But the scientific stakes are high: if these claims are fully borne out, we should have to take cognisance of a group of substances–probably chemical elements–whose very existence up till now has not been suspected. It is for these that the name ORMUS has been coined. Some of the highly controversial ideas about what they are, and about their extraordinary chemistry and physics, are outlined below.
But first, the practical import of the discovery consists in the beneficial effect of these elements on plant and animal life. As detailed below, the effect of supplementing these elements on the growth of plant crops is no less than phenomenal. Remarkable benefits to human and animal health have also been obtained.

David Hudson’s discovery of ORMEs
The story of the discovery begins in the late 1970s with a rich cotton farmer in Arizona named David Hudson. Because the volcanic soil in that region had unusual properties, and the underlying …

Anatoliy Golitsyn – The Perestroika Deception

Anatoliy Golitsyn – The Perestroika Deception

The Perestroika Deception is a sequel to Anatoliy Golitsyn’s famous work New Lies for Old, published in 1984, which accurately predicted the preplanned removal of the Berlin Wall, ‘collapsible Communism’ and all the deceptive Leninist strategic events of 1989-91.

Both Golitsyn books expose the Soviet Bolshevik strategy to procure the establishment of World (Communist) Governance. Western participants in this long-range plan collaborated with the Soviets to procure the ‘fall’of the Soviet Union, but failed to understand that they were being double-crossed by the Soviets – who have covertly persisted with their dimension of the World Revolution as though nothing really changed: which it didn’t. There was no true strategic discontinuity in 1989-91 – merely a Leninist (deceptive) discontiniuty to hoodwink the West.

 Anatoliy_Golitsyn___The_Perestroika_Deception.pdf ( 1.49MB ) Number of downloads: 1176


Anatoliy Golitsyn was born in the Ukraine in 1926. While a cadet in military school, he was awarded a Soviet medial ‘For the defence of Moscow in the Great Patriotic War’ for digging anti-tank trenches near Moscow. At the age of fifteen, he joined the Komsomol (League of Communist Youth) and, at nineteen, …

Lyne – Pentagon Aliens 3rd Edition (1999)

I began writing this book in early 1992, with such urgency that I often began my day’s writing at 4:00 A.M. Chapter I reflects my mood at the time. I believe there are matters addressed for the first time in this book—in 1993— which are important to your freedom and that of your loved ones. The truth in this case requires exposing a conspiracy. The word “conspiracy” has been made a dirty word by those involved, like dogs under the table, gnawing on a few bones and scraps thrown to them by those above, and growling at anyone who threatens their precarious security. Conspiracies exist, they are sometimes real, and real conspiracies can be harmful to those who pretend they don’t exist.

This book will disappoint those who expects it to be filled with tales about little ‘aliens’, or about how I was abducted and used as a sex slave by giant Venusian females (or weird little alien guys who have ‘implanted’ me, or experimented with my sex organs, etc.). This book is about the “flying saucer”- —sometimes called the “UFO”—what it really is, who invented it, and why …